Canada's Long Term Strategy

Canada's NDC proposed an economy-wide target to reduce GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. Canada indicated that it may also use international credits to meet its target. Considering the upward trajectory of the current policy projection against the pledge trajectory, Canada will need to use a large quantity of international credits to meet its target. 

Canada's Mid-Century Long-Term Strategy, submitted to the UNFCCC in November 2016, states that our 2050 target is 80% below 2005 levels and will be achieved by:

  • 65% reduction in the combined emissions of the energy sector, industrial processes, agriculture, and waste, and  
  • 15% from an assumed contribution from credits due to improved land sector sequestration and internationally transferred mitigation outcomes

More information on Canada's long-term plans here

As we document in the pages on sharing carbon budgets, an 80% reduction in Canada's emissions will not be enough to be fair to developing countries.

Canada must find some way of easing the difficulties of the developing countries. However, this can’t be used as an excuse for Canada to take its time to reduce emissions. All developed countries must reduce their emissions as fast as possible.

Canada's fair share would require reducing our emissions to net-negative by 2030 or just after. This, of course, is impossible to do with domestic mitigation activities alone, so we have to understand that our "fair share" is the sum of most ambitious domestic mitigation pathway as well as support (finance, technology transfer and capacity building) for very ambitious pathways in poorer countries that cannot with their own means implement those.

We need to state our demand for domestic targets and our demand for international support together when making statements about what Canada should be contributing in terms of its fair share.

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