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Hurricane Season is Here, and Climate is Packing on the Power

May 26, 2017 - 9:36am
I have been fortunate, several times,  to interview Kerry Emanuel of MIT, probably the foremost hurricane expert in the world, above.  In a nutshell, here’s what he tells me. Long term trends for hurricanes are not completely clear, but models indicate that stronger storms could be an outcome of continued climate change.  Very early indications […]
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Field Season Fund Raiser Moving Toward Goal

May 26, 2017 - 8:49am
Moving toward our goal for this year’s field season. Still a couple weeks to go on this campaign – help Citizen Science push back against Dark Side.  Filed under: Crock of the Week
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Scott Pruitt’s Cut and Paste Climate Con

May 25, 2017 - 12:00pm
Above, newly confirmed EPA Director Scott Pruitt makes the claim that the Paris Climate agreement makes no demands on China and India before 2030.  He can’t be this stupid, so we just have to call that a lie. In planning for electrical production, 10 years from now is today. Utility planners know this. So it […]
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He Warned Us About Terror. Now He’s Warning About Climate. Will We Listen?

May 24, 2017 - 10:41am
Remember that time when security experts warned the Bush administration about the dire, imminent threat of a terrorist attack? Those are some of the same experts warning about the security impact of climate change.  And some of the same people are not listening again. Washington Post, March 25, 2004: President Bush’s top counterterrorism adviser warned […]
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Katharine Hayhoe on Climate and Faith

May 23, 2017 - 8:35pm
Interviewed in San Francisco, December 2014. If you like this kind of science communication you get nowhere else, support Dark Snow Project. Filed under: Crock of the Week
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Climate Troubles in Trump Country

May 23, 2017 - 7:57pm
More weather extremes. While climate communicators are trying to figure out the magic formula to snap people out of denial, the Earth continues to speak in ever more convincing ways. E&E News: ALTON, Ill. — The first priority was, of course, keeping everyone safe, as floodwaters got so high that city crews stationed a canoe […]
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New Video: Despite Dilbert, it’s Data, not Models

May 23, 2017 - 11:41am
I was already working on this video when Scott Adam’s laughably unfunny attempt to have Dilbert do climate science appeared, and set the denia-sphere atwitter. Some will still prefer the cartoon version of science, but fortunately, there are real experts to set the record straight, and I talk to them regularly. I promised Mr Adams that a […]
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States, Voters, Pushing Back on Trump Team’s Doomsday Agenda – and They Don’t Like it

May 23, 2017 - 11:06am
Old enough to remember when conservatives advocated “states rights”. Oh, wait. That’s only when they want to stop black people from voting. It’s a slave-owner thing. Got it. Nowadays, when states want to acknowledge science and fact – the administration has a problem. Fortunately, aroused voters, and mega-uprisings like the March for Science,  are helping science-savvy politicians push […]
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Say it While you Still Can: “Climate Change”. Science in the Age of Newspeak

May 23, 2017 - 10:26am
When Florida’s governor Rick Scott banned state employees from using the phrase “climate change”, I reported it (above) months before the Miami Herald and Washington Post. Now, under Trump, climate censors have been empowered, bigly.  Consider helping with a donation to Dark Snow Project here. Washington Post: On Thursday, a group of scientists, including three […]
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Nuclear Power Joins the Walking Dead

May 22, 2017 - 9:30am
Nuclear proponents keep talking about “new” nuclear, technologies that will finally meet acceptable standards of safety, while providing insurance against weaponization and nuclear proliferation. Nobody’s actually building that tech yet – meanwhile, the realization has set in among even the most enthusiastic proponents, that, while the zero carbon energy from nuclear is a desirable commodity, cost […]
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In UK, World’s Biggest Wind Turbines Set New Standard

May 22, 2017 - 9:28am
8 MW turbines. That’s a big machine, but not nearly the upper limit. Offshore power coming of age is a real game changer. Big implications for more traditional power sources. They are, of course, not American, we’ve given away that leadership. Thanks climate deniers! Guardian: The planet’s biggest and most powerful wind turbines have begun […]
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Katharine Hayhoe: Because I Care about People, I Care About Climate

May 19, 2017 - 4:49pm
Katharine Hayhoe is one of my favorite people in climate science. She’s so much nicer than I am, and that’s helped her become one of Time magazine’s “Top 100 Influential People”.  Above, one of her most recent interviews. I spoke to Dr. Hayhoe in 2012, when she had just barely become sort-of almost famous.  She told […]
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Dark Snow Project at 5 Years: Looking Back

May 19, 2017 - 12:07pm
Poking around the Dark Snow Project Facebook page – came across this picture I had not seen before, taken by Mackenzie Skiles during the first Dark Snow expedition, in 2013. That’s myself with Jason Box, at the apex of our stay in Greenland, we caught a break in the weather, and managed to Chopper-sprint up to […]
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Useful Idiots: Climate Deniers “Unwitting” Agents of Russian Influence

May 19, 2017 - 10:48am
Unwitting. Best defense you can make for someone who is both one of DC’s dumbest climate deniers, and apparently for years, an “unwitting” agent of Russian influence. As the Russiagate disaster plays out, it will become clear that Russia’s aim has been to remove US sanctions and clear the way for unlimited exploitation of huge […]
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2012: A Year of Climate Shocks

May 18, 2017 - 7:35pm
Looking back, you can trace the current awakening of deep public concern about climate change to the extreme events of 2012. This is the vid I made in summer of that year.  A lot of people liked it. Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives. Filed under: Crock of the Week
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Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda.

May 18, 2017 - 6:36pm
Remember sitting in history, thinking “If I was alive then, I would’ve…” You’re alive now. Whatever you’re doing is what you would’ve done. — David Slack (@slack2thefuture) January 28, 2017 Filed under: Crock of the Week
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Dilbert’s Dimwitted Denial. Sad.

May 18, 2017 - 10:01am
What happens when cartoonists lose sight of their original inspiration? Things get ugly. Pharyngula: I don’t normally read Dilbert — I’ve seen far too much of the benighted ignorant psyche of its creator — but this one was just laid out on a table at the coffee shop yesterday, and I knew I’d have to […]
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As Climate Deniers Block Federal Action, New Energy Booms in States

May 18, 2017 - 9:05am
Funny thing about new technologies – once they become viable, cost effective, and compelling – keeping people from using them is pretty hard. No matter how much fossil fuel funding and propaganda is deployed. So, while the Trump administration will do its best to sabotage American leadership in the renewable revolution (not a slam dunk at […]
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Dark Snow Project: 2017 Field Season Fund Raiser

May 17, 2017 - 8:10pm
Summer is coming fast, and I got held up with last-minute edits on the recent Arctic council/SWIPA video – so I had to boogie to get this pulled together. Had Dr. Jason Box add some footage and voice overs. And boy, that footage. This year, we are supporting a ground-breaking new Green Technology for Arctic Exploration […]
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“Fake But Accurate” Advice for Trump – as Staff passes Climate Crocks as Real Info

May 17, 2017 - 3:40pm
Followers of my early videos will remember how easy it was to take apart the Crock – ICYMI, above. Ironically, given current events, the video opens with a shot of Richard Nixon. So, fake science for the POTUS, as he passes real, deadly serious top secret intel to hostile foreign enemies. That’s where we are. The […]
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