From Greenpeace's 2009 report "HFCs: A growing threat to the climate" (PDF)

As governments grapple with the urgent task of drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions to avert dangerous climate change, there is a group of little-known but very powerful greenhouse gases which, if left unchecked, could hinder all of our efforts to tackle the issue.
We use these chemicals in our everyday lives for...
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In a just published paper, Andrew Weaver and Neil Swart emphasize the damage that coal (and unconventional gas) contribute to climate change (in addition to other environmental damage such as destruction of Boreal forest, mountain-top removal.)

They estimated the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the Alberta tar sands. Here are some selected quotes from the  Commentary (emphasis mine):

"If the entire Alberta oil-sand resource (that is, oil-in-place) were to be used, the associated carbon dioxide emissions would induce a...

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All I can see is smouldering ruins and children crying and a few adults wandering around in a daze.

I went up to a young girl, about ten years old I guess.  "What happened?"

Between sobs, she told me her story.

"Daddy was making fish and chips for dinner. The phone rang and he answered it. He forgot about the hot fat on the stove and it caught fire. He ran to the stove and tried to put out the fire but the cupboard beside the stove was burning. He called 911.

“Five firemen with their chief arrived...

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According to a recent newsletter from Bill McKibben:

"A series of newspaper accounts and email leaks have made it clear that the pipeline is as filthy politically as it is environmentally. In particular: the State Department environmental review was rigged.

"Transcanada was allowed to suggest a list of companies to conduct the review, and the state department helpfully selected the number one choice on their list, a firm called Cardno-...

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