Toronto's Emissions

Do you remember this? it was a result of the ice storm in Toronto in 2013. The heat wave in 2016? we can expect more frequent climate change events in the future.

Toronto's emissions reduction targets are documented in the TransformTO plan (pdf). They are based on Toronto's 1990 emissions: 30% by 2020; 65% by 2030 (set in the TransformTO plan); 80% by 2050

The TransformTO plan has a list of actions.

Toronto's share of the global population is 0.03%. Therefore, as of 2018, our share of the global carbon budget was approximately 170 MtCO2e if we want to do our fair share of preventing global temperatures from increasing by more than 1.5oC. (As of 2033 we will have exceeded our population-based share of the global carbon budget for remaining under 1.5oC.) As of 2018, our remaining emissions-based shares were 260 MtCO2e for a likely chance of remaining around 1.5oC.

The following chart compares the TransformTO targets with the targets needed to keep below Toronto's population and emissions share of the carbon budget for keeping global temperature increases of 1.5oC.

The population-based targets are more ambitious than the TransformTO targets.

The targets in this table are percentages below the 1990 annual emissions of 27.05 MtCO2e

Year TransformTO targets Targets for 1.5oC (population sharing) Targets for 1.5oC (emissions sharing)
2020 30% - 19 MtCO2e    
2030 65% - 9 Mt CO2e 100% by 2033 67% - 9 MtCO2e
2040     100% (by 2041)
2050 80% - 5 MtCO2e