Filthy Keystone XL Pipeline review writes Bill McKibben

According to a recent newsletter from Bill McKibben:

"A series of newspaper accounts and email leaks have made it clear that the pipeline is as filthy politically as it is environmentally. In particular: the State Department environmental review was rigged.

"Transcanada was allowed to suggest a list of companies to conduct the review, and the state department helpfully selected the number one choice on their list, a firm called Cardno-Entrix. If you go the Cardno-Entrix website, you’ll see that they list Transcanada as one of their chief clients. The New York Times story uncovering this link said it was a “flouting of environmental law.” You can read the piece that Naomi Klein and I released today at the Daily Beast here.

"The bottom line is clear: this is a crime in progress, and far worse than any past scandal in the Obama administration. It’s the kind of thing we expected from the Bush administration--but even Dick Cheney didn’t hire Halliburton to actually review his projects. All by itself this scandal is reason enough to tear up the environmental review and start over again, this time employing independent experts--like the 20 scientists who told President Obama earlier this year that the pipeline would be a disaster."