Problems due to climate change

Global impact

Climate change has a lot of effects that will hurt you and your family and friends. It is not something that affects people in developing countries such as Bangladesh although they will be seriously affected and many will have to leave their homes and even country. There will be many climate refugees.

Health effects

Heat stroke, severe smog, tropical diseases such as malaria moving northward, will threaten the lives and health of children, the elderly, and those with allergies, and asthma.

Weather and insurance

Storms are expected to increase in severity and frequency causing considerable damage to homes, roads, etc. Insurance for homes, and businesses will rise significantly, and insurance may become unavailable.

Food and water

Climate change will seriously affect water resources. Lake levels will drop in Ontario’s four Great Lakes. Changing water levels and temperatures will in turn affect food supply. Food costs will rise and some products will not be available.

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