This is an extract from the Elephant podcast.

Toronto is Canada's biggest city, and it also happens to be one of the country's biggest successes when it comes to acting on climate. While the average emissions for Canada have kept climbing, Toronto has managed to not only meet its targets for cutting greenhouse gases, but exceed them by more than double - all this while steadily growing as a city.

David Miller was the mayor of Toronto from 2003 until 2010 (before being succeeded by a rather more infamous Toronto mayor that you may have heard about), and for the last two years in office Miller was also the chair of the C40 - The Cities Climate Leadership Group. But really throughout his two terms as Mayor, David Miller made environmental sustainability a key focus of his leadership.

During our time in Paris we had the chance to catch up with David Miller to ask him about the policies Toronto put in place to meet its emissions cuts, what some of the challenges were to implementing them, and a bit about his current work for WWF Canada.

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