Wartime Actions

Tell your Members of Parliament (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) that Canada must act as though we are in a World War. In order to do that we must

Adopt an emergency wartime mindset, prepared to do what it takes to win.

Rally the public at every turn.

Embrace economic planning and create the economic institutions needed to get the job done.

Spend what it takes to win.

Leave no one behind -

Inequality is toxic to social solidarity and mass mobilization.

Indigenous leadership, culture, and title and rights are central to winning.

Reject the straitjacket of neoliberal economic thinking.

Transform government.

Everyone has to do their bit.

This time, human rights must not be sacrificed.

Canada is not an island.

When necessary, real leaders throw out the rule book, and they are the heroes.

Know thine enemy.

These are the actions that Seth Klein recommended in his recent book  'A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency' whick asks "both the public and our political leaders today, to reflect on the people who saw us through the Second World War, and to consider who we want to be, as we face down the defining task of our lives".