Renewable Projects in Ontario

Renewable energy (IESO figures as of June 2015)

Type Total MW
Hydro-electric 8,462
Bio-fuel 455
Solar 40
Wind 2,925

Total renewable projects 11,882 MW


Project Capacity (MW) Status
Halton Landfill (Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc.) 2.10 In Service
Britannia Landfill (Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.) 5.60 In Service
West Lorne BioOil (West Lorne BioOil Co-Generation LP) 10.00 In Service
Total Bio-Energy projects 17.70  
Terryland Farms Biogas-- St. Eugene 0.18 In Service
Bayview Greenhouses Biogas System-- Jordan Station 0.25 In Service
Donnandale Farms Inc. -- Stirling 0.50 In Service
Delft Blue Veal Inc - Biogas-- Hamilton 0.50 In Service
Ledgecroft Farms - Biogas System -- Seeley's Bay 0.50 In Service
East Quarry Landfill Gas Utilization-- Glenridge Gas Utilization Inc. 1.06 In Service
Sarnia Landfill Renewable Energy Project 1.60 In Service
Hamilton Community Energy Digester Gas Project-- Hamilton 1.60 In Service
Eastview Landfill Gas Energy Plant-- Guelph Hydro Generation Company (Guelph) 2.50 In Service
Petrolia Renewable Energy Project 3.20 In Service
Thunder Bay Landfill Gas Utilization 3.20 In Service
Trail Road Landfill Gas Generating Station-- Energy Ottawa (Ottawa) 5.00 In Service
Waterloo Landfill Gas Power Plant-- Toromont Energy Limited 6.23 In Service
WM Ottawa Landfill Gas to Energy-- Ottawa 6.40 In Service
Total Bio-Mass projects 32.71


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OPG has been exploring options to “repower” (change fuel in) some of its coal-fuelled electricity generating stations with natural gas and/or forest or agriculture-based biomass. Repowering these stations allows continued use of existing facilities owned by the people of Ontario, costs less than building new stations, reduces greenhouse gas emissions considerably, provides effective back up for growing intermittent renewable electricity sources like wind and solar and maintains employment and economic benefits in the station communities.


OPG is targeting the Atikokan Generating Station to be the first station converted to biomass fuel. Atikokan achieved full electricity output on wood pellets during tests in 2008. Successful tests have also been completed at the Thunder Bay, Lambton and Nanticoke generating stations.

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OPG is moving ahead with planning and approvals for repowering Atikokan GS from coal to wood-fibre biomass in 2013.