Hydro Electric Projects

Project Capacity (MW) Status

Chaudière Grinder Sluiceway Generation


In Service

South River Hydroelectric Project-- South River Power Generation Corporation


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Is there any carbon budget remaining?

David Spratt (author of "Climate Code Red: The case for emergency action") has written a very important report on the carbon budget & the myth of “burnable carbon”. His report contains inconvenient truths.

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C40 Cities - Deadline 2020

According to this very important report (pdf):

Deadline 2020 presents the first significant pathway for relating the ambition of the Paris Agreement to action on the ground.

This would allow C40 cities, representing 650 million people and 25% of the world’s GDP, to deliver individual emissions trajectories consistent with...

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This is the slide presentation (pdf) that Climate Action Now gave at a meeting of the Toronto Climate Action Network.(December 2016)