Urban Density and Climate Change

According to the report "Cities and greenhouse gas emissions: moving forward" by Daniel Hoornweg, Lorraine Sugar and Claudia Lorena Trejos

In Copenhagen in 2009, a coalition of environmental groups presented Canada with an unprecedented third consecutive “Fossil of the Year” award. Canada’s annual per capita production-based GHG emissions are 22.65 tCO2e, among the highest in the world and a 26 per cent increase since 1990, rather than the 6 per cent reduction agreed to...

The United Nations Emissions Program (UNEP) has prepared a number of reports on the gap between the non-binding pledges that were made during COP 15 (the Copenhagen Agreement) and the maximum temperature rise of 2oC that was the objective of the pledges.

The UNEP Emissions Gap Report was prepared for COP 16 (Cancun) but the Appendices were released later.